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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anri Sala: Dammi i Colori (2003)

When I first showed the city footage in Poughkeepsie, Liam Gillick said to me, Anri, tell me the truth. Tell me that this city does not exist.

A post utopian project in Tirana, painting vividly festive the poorest city in Europe

During Communist regime freedom seemed Utopia. And Utopia came, in 1989, like a cataclysm, destroying the whole, and followed the next day by Post-Utopia. And over the junk that remained after the cataclysm what they got were the colors. The walls got colored, the TV programs got 24*7, the malls replaced the factories. Capitalism second hand is like fish with freshness of second degree. Fish can be either fresh or it stinks, there is no other way. However, colors bring hope and teach you to look for purpose.

Dammi i Colori (Give me Colors), a 15 minute movie made by Anri Sala. You can watch it at:

(Anri Sala)



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