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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anri Sala: Nocturnes (1999)


Nocturnes, an 11 minutes movie made by Anri Sala, an exploration of universes of anxiety and loneliness. The experiences of two personages are intertwined. Each one tries to find an illusory world just to escape from a reality perceived as unbearable. One of them looks for solace near huge aquariums filled with thousands of small fish, just to find there the same fears as in the world of humans. The other guy lived the atrocities of war in 1990's Yugoslavia and now the addiction to a playstation allows a temporary escape from excruciating memories, while offering a fictitious universe of violence, the only one that makes sense for him any more.

As the film goes on the two stories, as different as they are, are becoming less and less distinct.

(Anri Sala)



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