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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Some Fun, Affordable US Cities

If you were to choose a US city to live, it is good to look for a region with job opportunities, of course, you should also look for a place where the home prices are moderate. And it is advisable to look for a place that suits your tastes, your ways of spending the free time, and here the number of bars and restaurants would be a good indicator.

I found today on the web that Ocean City, MD has no more no less than 277 bars and restaurants, which makes it the champion city in this respect. Tempe, AZ follows closely, with 265 bars and restaurants. I would give a shot to Scottsdale, AZ: 196 bars and restaurants, with a wide variety of cuisines, from Continental to East Indian and Mediterranean. At least I would spend some vacation time there, as I have a friend in Scottsdale.

And speaking about vacation, I am also tempted to visit Anchorage, AK some time: 177 bars and restaurants, plenty of fresh seafood, from cold-water Kachemak Bay oysters and Alaskan king crab to halibut and wild Alaskan salmon. It's like a dream.



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