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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mircea Cantor: Tracking Happiness & Vertical Attempt

Mircea Cantor - Tracking Happiness, video, 2009
production still
published by Caitlin Ruttle in Artlog
(courtesy of the artist and Yvon Lambert)

Mircea Cantor had in 2009 a solo at Kunsthaus Z├╝rich. The centerpiece of the exhibition was Tracking Happiness: seven women in white casually walking barefoot and carefully wiping with their brooms over white sand; each one's trace is removed by the broom of the woman who's following: a modern (or rather post-modern) avatar of Sisyphus's myth? Another film presented at the exhibition was Vertical Attempt: a boy trying to cut the water that is pouring out of the tap. Learning through trial and error?

The exhibition at Kunsthaus presented also other works by Mr. Cantor: following the tradition of Marcel Duchamp he uses Readymade objects to emphasize what he has to say, only his Readymades often come from the Romanian traditional universe and subtly send to that Weltanschauung.

(Mircea Cantor)



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