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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eve Packer: October 16

astronomy picture of the day

summer, surly lover,
surely over, you are
not. winters in, my skin

Cartoon for October 16. For our generation, even losing it all is lame.

cupid, that was
a nasty trick—
shooting an arrow
laced w/arsenic & blood
thru my lovers heart,
brain—now what??

First Parallel Mode

nothing is worse,
you said, at that first
halloween ball, as we turn
a corner downstairs, than
someone just leaving,

Oct 16 1964: China exploded an atomic bomb

oh, says vincent,
helping me put
the newly clean oriental rug
on the bedroom floor,
you miss him

Reminder:FINITE JEST PARTY (Oct 16 2008, Milan, Italy)

i can hear you,
on recorded tape, my cell, landline machine,
on lots of cd's old & new,
but never can you say, once more,
the way you did the last time
we talk: i just wanted
to hear your voice—

Scotty, Elvis, Bill on the Louisiana Hayride Oct. 16

on a treat, take a taxi
up 10th ave for a (short)
2nd swim—the driver
late—its after 5—
8.20 the fare—i give 10, say: hope you get
where you need to/go

strip for Oct 16

the magic tea house

(Eve Packer)



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