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Monday, November 21, 2011

Story of a Real Man

Story of a Real Man (Повесть о настоящем человеке), released in 1949 is based on the novel written by Boris Polevoi. It is a true story. In 1942 Soviet ace Alexey Maresyev was shot down over a region occupied by German troupes. Though badly injured he succeeded to return to Soviet controlled territory. It was an 18 days journey during which his injured legs deteriorated so badly that amputation was necessary. After one year of exercises with his prosthetic devices he came back on the front as a fighter pilot.

I found the movie on a video in an Esperanto language blog.

The main roles are performed by important Soviet actors of the 1930's - 1940's generation (Pavel Kadochnikov played also in Eisenstein's Ivan the Terrible; maybe older movie watchers - older than me - would remember him in Robinson Crusoe; he played also in the superb Unfinished Piece for the Player Piano; and he was also Maxim Gorky in two movies; Nikolai Okhlopkov played in movies like Mikhail Romm's Lenin in October and Lenin in 1918; he impersonated in both films a protege of Lenin; Vasili Merkuryev played also in The Cranes are Flying; as for Lyudmila Tselikovskaya, she was an unofficial sex symbol in the 1940s Soviet Union, loved by general public, censored by Stalin's dictatorship).
Maybe you will recognize in an episodic role Sergei Bondarchuk. I couldn't. It has been his debut in the world of movies.

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