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Monday, December 03, 2012

La Sorcière (The Blonde Witch) 1956

(movie poster, from the Lukeraba's Blog)
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I think this poster does not make justice to the film, which is a story of love told with simplicity and honesty. The movie (La Sorcière, made in 1956) is just that: simple and honest. A young man (Maurice Ronet) comes in a village where conditions are primitive and people fear witches and stuff. He meets by chance the young sorceress (Marina Vlady) and they fall in love each other. The outcome cannot be but tragic. Nicole Courcel is also here, in a supporting role played with distinction and adding new valences to the story. A beautiful French movie of the fifties, like all French movie of those years were: simple, natural, honest.

Adrian Rezus sent me the video. Thank you Adrian!

(Cinéma Français)


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