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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Tabor is Returning

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Do you remember Табор уходит в небо (Tabor ukhodit v nebo)? It was a great movie, made by Emil Loteanu in 1976. Svetlana Toma was starring there, and the English title of the movie was given after her: The Queen of the Gypsies. Eugen Doga created the music for this film: a great score! And I would not forget to mention here the male lead, Grigore Grigoriu. I found today a copy of this movie, on the web:

This was for me a great movie in all respects, and to honor it, I'm gathering here some videos that I found on Facebook today, published by Journal Gipsy. For a title, I've chosen табор возвращается (Tabor is Returning). Enjoy!

Alexander Kolpakov and his band - Kayonee
(video by IGvid)

(video by eugenzk)



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