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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The United States of Eleven Nations

(Tufts Magazine)
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So, here you go:

  • Yankeedom: founded by Puritans, valuing education and the common good (which can lead to valuing social engineering over personal freedom)
  • New Netherland: founded by Dutch settlers, no wonder a hub of global commerce valuing sophistication and keeping a global eye over the world
  • Midlands: founded by Quakers, they are pluralistic and organized around middle class; ethnic and religious purity are not priorities
  • Tidewater: founded by English colonists in what are today Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina; tendency to respect authorities and value traditions
  • Greater Appalachia: founded by English, Irish, and Scottish settlers, valuing individual liberty, suspicious of lowland aristocrats and Yankee social engineers
  • Deep South: the Dixie's value states' rights and local control versus federal powers
  • El Norte: a border region with the spirit of La Frontera, praising hard work and self-sufficiency
  • Left Coast: the epic of early adventurers is going on in Silicon Valley
  • Far West: a region built by industry on harsh inhospitable terrain - the guys there are intensely libertarian and deeply distrustful of big institutions
  • New France: the old French colonies in the South (around New Orleans) and North (toward Montreal) - among the most liberal on the continent, with unusually tolerant attitudes toward gays and people of all races and a ready acceptance of government involvement in the economy
  • First Nation: the lands that Native Americans succeeded to not give up, mainly in the extreme North (in Alaska and Northern Canada)
(Washington Post WorldViews, Tufts Magazine)

(Zoon Politikon)


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