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Monday, March 10, 2014

Odessa Humor

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Odessa humor is of a special kind, as it reflects the blend of Russian, Ukrainian and Yiddish cultures characteristic for this city (add to the above mentioned blend also a Romanian flavor, think Moldavanka - maybe a bit of Tatar flavor is also there). I would say it's dry humor, kind of we've talked enough about the people recently died in our family; now let's switch to something funny: what about the plague in Odessa? (if you didn't get it, you probably need to consult the vocabulary above - in Russian it would be мы достаточно говорили о людях недавно умерших в нашей семье; теперь давайте перейдем на что-то смешное: как насчет чумы в Одессе?

Now, the video below is maybe too much even for someone used with Odessa jokes: Russians from Odessa calling the Russian president and asking him in plain Russian to leave Ukraine alone (Алло? Владимир Владимирович? Одесса беспокоит. Идите домой, Владимир Владимирович!). Take it anyway as a piece of dry humor, I don't know at all what these Russians from Odessa really think about the whole mess. And above all it's an Odessa joke created by EuroMaidan PR, so to speak fabricated, but it looks like Odessa and smells like Odessa.

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And as I mentioned Moldavanka, here's an image from there:

photo by Yuriy Kvach
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(Zoon Politikon)



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