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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Roma città aperta (1945)

La storia del neo-realismo italiano in tutte le sue origini (Covo Tivù)

You can find many flaws in this movie. We are no more in 1945, we know that Rossellini had some loaded past with the regime of Mussolini and we could suspect him of a bit (?) of dishonesty to pass quickly on the good side. But I think that anyone else would have made the movie in 1945 the same way. Everything had been too recent, the wounds of a world conflict were far from being healed, everything was judged in exclusive terms, good side versus bad side. Some use still today the same dichotomy, ignoring all that happened since, and transforming the tragedy of the past in blah-blah demagoguery. History is repeating itself in a tricky way. Ironically, it comes to one of the Germans from the movie to say the universal truth ... (we) simply refuse to believe that people want to be free... we can't get anywhere but kill, kill, kill... we have sown Europe with corpses... and from those graves rises an incredible hate...

Having said that, it is a great film, a superb lesson about courage, about partisans and their fight against evil.

Roma città aperta, 1945 (storia di un film)
(video by Rada Prod.)

(Italian Movies)


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