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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Catalan Universe: Bishop Josep Torras i Bages

Bishop Josep Torras i Bages
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his words Catalunya Serà Cristiana O No Serà are engraved on the gate of Santa Maria de Montserrat

Venerable Josep Torras i Bages, bishop of Vic, was one of the main figures of Catholic Catalan Nationalism. To describe his convictions can be difficult, as he was strongly opposed to secularism, while also very straightforward against integrism,

In his La Tradició Catalana, from 1892, he emphasized rural life, family, religion and Catalan language as the pillars of Catalan identity, giving to land and language mystical dimensions. He was very interested in the study of the seny, a virtue often considered a Catalan cultural symbol: based on good sense and wisdom, seny was perceived by him to originate in the traditional Catalan rural farm (casa pairal or masia).

Front cover of Lo Verdader Catalá, 1843
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Now, to consider Bishop Torras an exclusively traditionalist thinker could be a mistake. He also considered that the Church should adapt to the spirit of the times and focus on moderation, and he developed these convictions in El Clero En La Vida Social Moderna, from 1888.

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