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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tahmima Anam

Tahmima Anam
(Penguin India)
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from an illustrious literary family in Bangladesh (his father was the editor and publisher of Daily Star, the largest circulating daily English-language newspaper in Bangladesh; his grandfather was a satirist and politician whose works in Bengali have remained popular to this day), born in Dhaka, grew up in Paris, NY, and Bangkok, earned a PhD in Anthropology from Harvard in 2004 for her thesis Fixing the Past: War,Violence, and Habitations of Memory in Post-Independence Bangladesh, presently author and columnist; her first novel (A Golden Age, telling the story of the Bangladesh Liberation War as viewed through the eyes of one family) was the Best First Book winner of the 2008 The Good Muslim) was a sequel of the first one; currently resides in London (info provided by wikipedia)

(A Life in Books)



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