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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Juan Goytisolo, Novela, música y poesía

image by Eduardo Estrada
(El País - La Cuarta Página)
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Las notas que a lo largo del tiempo ha ido escribiendo Juan Goytisolo han servido para alimentar una obra en la que ha manifestado interés por las más distintas formas de expresión y por el pensamiento (the notes written throughout the time by Juan Goytisolo served to feed an opera that expressed interest for the most varied forms of expression and thought).

An amazing essay by Juan Goytisolo about the relationship between novel, music, and poetry. Witnesses are called in the stand, to give testimony with their work, among others Faulkner (cadence and use of similes), Broch (the concept of novel as a vast poem, his Death of Virgil), Lowry (Under the Volcano, with its dark clouds like swans), Cervantes (if, with rare exceptions, the pre-Cervantes story was like a musical instrument of a single rope, our first writer invented another kind of telling the story, in which various instruments combine harmoniously: the symphonic variations of those that would be imposed much later, in the narrative of the 19th century), Joyce (Ulysses marking a turning point that stamps the expiration date at the repetition of narrative forms of Balzac and Galdós), Valéry (defining the poetry as an oscillation between feeling and sound), Baudelaire (poetry as a range of distinct registers, excluding any rhetoric and didactic), Kundera (shrinking the vocabulary and deepening the syntactic relationship within it), and not only them, also Eliot and San Juan de la Cruz, and Góngora, and others too, and all this within a column in La Cuarta Página del País, shrinking and deepening on the traces of Kundera:

(Juan Goytisolo)



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