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Monday, January 11, 2016

Gary Oro at Principle Gallery: Near Dawn

Gary Oro, Near Dawn
oil on panel
(source: Principle Gallery Newsletter)
no copyright infringement intended

On view at Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA

Last summer I visited my son's family in Lexington. They invited me on a weekend excursion on the Atlantic coast, at Narragansett. My son was on business at London, so I was with my daughter-in-law, my two granddaughters and a girlfriend of them. We stayed at a small manor (The Richards), looking like a druids dream (and actually so goes the story: it was about 1884, and a gentleman from the Hazards' family had one night a dream in which a druid appeared instructing him to built that house on that very place). Well, I don't know how actually looked the druid from the dream, maybe he was an old dwarf with a long white beard and a funny cap with crystalline little bells, or maybe he was a tall priest with rough appearance, anyway the manor looked in the same time cozy and impressive, a very romantic site all in all. And it was near the coast, and one morning I woke up very early and went through a small pine wood to the shore. It was a five minutes distance. Fishermen were already there, and the ocean looked... well, you felt there that beyond all our certainties there was something else, impossible to explain in our human words. Name it God, name it Cosmos. And it was near dawn, and the image above called in my mind that very special morning from last summer. I should come back to the story of those places, because they are enchanted.

(Gary Oro)

(Principle Gallery)

(Rhode Island)

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