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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Mustafa Akyol at TED, Faith Versus Tradition in Islam

(source: enkiVillage)
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Here is a possible answer: Mustafa Akyol about the way that some local cultural practices (such as wearing a headscarf) have become linked, in the popular mind, to the articles of faith of Islam. Has the world's general idea of the Islamic faith focused too much on tradition, and not enough on core beliefs?

(video by TED-Ed)

Is this a good response? I would say yes and no. Yes, because it clearly shows the difference between tradition and the core belief. No, because we do not talk here about a reformed religion (based strictly on the core belief). We are talking about an actual religion followed by actual believers, based on the core belief as well as on tradition.

(Mustafa Akyol)



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