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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

150 Iraqis abducted this morning

The place of the abduction (Reuters)
(click here for the Romanian version)

For Iraq it is a national catastrophe: this morning a terrorist group, wearing uniforms of the Iraqi anti-terrorist troops, entered the compound of a central institute affiliated to their Ministry of Education, and abducted 150 people: Sunni and Shiites, staff and visitors alike. The compound is situated downtown Baghdad (AP).

In such conditions any argument about American military disengagement becomes immoral. One can understand that the American society is tired about this war, but it is the American state that came to Iraq and destroyed the leading structures there: so, till new Iraqi leading structures become effective and prove able to defend the security of their citizens, the full responsibility belongs only to the American state. It is a matter of international credibility and seriousness.


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