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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Don't tell Mama, I'm for Obama

Don't tell Mama, I'm for Obama
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Will be Barack Obama the next American president? Why not? Well, but he's far too young, you'll say. He'll be only 47 in 2008. And he's been in the US Senate only for two years. To say nothing that America could not be yet quite ready for an African-American president.

And this is not all. Actually Barack Obama is hundred percent unconventional. Dems and Republicans are in a cultural war while Mr. Obama does not seem to be interested too much in it. It's like he'd realize that the issues in the cultural war of the elite were not the real issues of the American society.

It's not just hazard that the Kosacks and other bloggers are not particularly enthusiastic about Mr. Obama. He's not a radical, rather a centrist, anyway a moderate, with constructive and very balanced approaches.

Well, I believe the great atout of Barack Obama is just the lack of traditional atouts. He is the totally unconventional candidate. And it could be that in 2008 the American society would be in need just for a total unconventional guy. Remember Jimmy Carter.

For some months the question was whether Barack Obama would take his risks or not. Some were recommending him to wait till 2012, some others were telling him to target rather the vice presidential position, making team with Hillary Clinton. And there were some worried that the Dems would loose their chances with Mr. Obama. That Dems were driving the wrong horse with Mr. Obama, so to speak.

Well, there were too much advisers in town, so Barack Obama decided to do what his guts (read political instincts) were telling him to do. He announced his first step in the electoral race, the exploratory committee. And the final decision will be taken on February 10th. Quite a mensch, isn't it?



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