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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Former president Ford passed away

Gerald Ford
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Gerald Ford died. He was the only unelected president in American history. Richard Nixon nominated him as vice-president, after Spiro Agnew had stepped down. The nomination was approved by the Congress. And Gerald Ford became automatically president after Richard Nixon resignation. Ford nominated on his turn the governor of the State of New York as vice-president. Do you remember the name? It was Nelson Rockefeller.

Was Gerald Ford a good or a bad president? It seems that he was the right one for what America needed by that time, as tantalized by the Watergate as it was.

Ford had the courage to assume a difficult decision, by granting pardon to the former president. Has been Ford right or wrong? Some would say that justice should have been made. I believe that he was right to do so: America had to move over. There were vital issues to be focused on: the disaster in Vietnam first of all.

Would have Nixon managed better the end of the war in Vietnam? Possibly. Nixon had a great political vision. Only his great political vision cannot compensate the immense damage created by Watergate. One main condition for the American society to function normally is the confidence in the honesty of its president. Watergate tantalized the American society and made it obsessed by morality. Without Watergate the victory of Carter in 1976 would probably not have been possible - and also the formidable ascension of the born again spirit. The South gained then the game that had been interrupted in the 1860’.


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