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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary enters the race

Hillary Clinton
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I'm in and I'm in to win - Sen. Hillary Clinton entered officially the race. Today's Washington Post has a large article on the subject, Hillary Clinton Opens Presidential Bid.
I do not think she has exactly the same political views as her husband. The champion of the centrist approach is the governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, also expected to enter the race very soon.
While I was writing this post, Governor Richardson made his announcement. Asked how he can compete with nationally known candidates such as Clinton and Obama, Richardson said: I'll outwork them.
Of course, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have much stronger positions within the Democratic Party. I read today an op-ed in W. Post by E. J. Dionne Jr. - he makes an interesting comparison between the two main contenders in the Democratic race. Says he, the most important difference lies in where their respective political journeys began. While Hillary Clinton belongs to the top tier of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama started his political life as a community organizer in Chicago. This gave him a kind of a bottom-up perspective: his ideas were shaped by his grass-roots background, much rather than by the political machine of the party.


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