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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Obama Off and Running

Obama Off and Running - from Politico
(Click here for the Romanian version)
It's done. Obama is now officially in the race (Politico). The announcement was made in Springfield, the capital of Illinois, at the Old State Capitol (NY Times), the place where Lincoln started too...

Supporters preparing signs for the official campaign announcement - from New York Times

As for those who ask whether the white electorate is ready for a black at the White House, also for those who consider that the Afro-Americans will prefer automatically Obama - well, all of them miss the point. Obama is not the candidate of the blacks - he is not concerned mainly by their issues - he does not belong to the generation who struggled for the civil rights - Obama belongs to the generation of post-boomers. So, if he is elected, he won't be the first black president, rather the first post-boomer president.



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