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Friday, May 18, 2007

Wolfowitz steps down from the World Bank.

Wolfie says bye - so it goes
Paul Wolfowitz has resigned from the World Bank presidency (Free Europe/Liberty). It is the result of a strong campaign against him. He was accused of bank ethics violation: a wage increase and promotion for Shaha Ali Riza, a World Bank employee with whom he has a personal relationship. Dr. Wolfowitz asked to be recused for all personnel decisions involving her job at the bank, but the Ethics Committee considered that she should be moved in a position outside the bank. The way Dr. Wolfowitz tried to solve this issue was eventually considered inappropriate.
The whole problem should be considered in its larger context. Paul Wolfowitz is one of the most prominent representatives of the neo-conservative camp and one of the main promoters of the Iraqi war - so he has a huge number of political adversaries. On the other hand he used a very tough style of leadership at the World Bank - so another huge number of adversaries. So it goes.
It's a pity that the name of Mrs. Riza (a highly praised Middle East expert) was put in the focus this way.
Anyway, Dr. Wolfowitz said bye and the logical question would be who's next. Only this question has multiple meanings. You could think on the next president for the World Bank, or you could think that Mr. Gonzales does not feel too well either.


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