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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two Blogs from NY

Erin and Lou Cicalese, the creators of BoogieDowner
(NY Times)

They are both 28: Erin is a new mother, Lou is a high-school theology teacher. They moved from Brooklyn to Bronx and discovered that housing prices were not the only thing to differentiate the two boroughs. So they decided to create BoogieDowner, a blog focused on presenting just day-to-day life in Bronx: all kind of news, political or cultural events, sometimes alerts about, say, the $3.50 Coronas at a restaurant near-by, and a lot about housing; nice houses, very low-price or low-rent.

The Bronx is hot, but it's not burning, says Erin, and Lou adds, you can get in the Bronx that’s really hard to find anywhere else.

BoogieDowner is modeled after an immensely popular blog from Brooklyn, the Brownstoner.



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