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Monday, October 26, 2009

Amelia Earhart: the Person, the Legend, the Movie

The movie made by Mira Nair plays wonderfully between the real person and the legend. It uses a mix of hyeratism and surreal to tell the legend of the famous aviatrix, while subtly conveying a real woman with her strengths and weaknesses, a personality in continuous development. It's like presenting in parralel two views on the same story, and I think this was made possible by director Mira Nair by keeping an irresistible, almost Eisensteinian, pace in the succession of scenes.
It's also the merit of the phenomenal Hilary Swank: she gives us the real Amelia Earhart, while remaining hundred percent Hilary Swank!
Richard Gere gives her a subtle replica, as his personage, George Putnam actually did in real life for the vagabond of the air.
Here are some images from the movie; I pulled them from a video on youTube:

And here is another video that I found on youTube: the last footage of Amelia Earhart:




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