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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Breaktime, the Second Movie of Kiarostami (1972)

زنگ تفریح - Zang-e Tafrih (Breaktime, Recess), the second movie of Kiarostami, made in 1972. It calls in my mind some of the very first movies of Brakhage, especially The Way to Shadow Garden. In both cases, a minimalistic gem, nothing explained, a personage without history, without motivation, with the unique role of putting in value a disconcerting universe.

Is it the admirable end of Breaktime a negative stasis (like in the movie of Brakhage)? Well, it is somehow a way to the Gardens of Shadow, too, though I think it is, much more, something else: it is an end refusing to be the end (as it is no beginning, also). This fourteen minutes movie dares to eliminate the story from its structure! It is a shame that Breaktime passed unobserved, because it was marking a new age in the history of cinema.

Zang-e Tafrih: Part 1/2
(video by faridb2000)

Says Abbas Kiarostami, you may not believe it but my ideal film is my second film, Breaktime: this film is way ahead of Taste of Cherry in terms of form, audacity, avoidance of story-telling, and indeterminate ending.

Zang-e Tafrih: Part 2/2
(video by faridb2000)

Kurosawa: I believe the films of Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami are extraordinary. Words cannot relate my feelings. I suggest you see his films; and then you will see what I mean.

(I'm in the Mood for Kiarostami)

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