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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Volga - Volga, the Movie of Grigori Aleksandrov from 1938

Volga - Volga: a lot has been said against this Soviet musical, made in 1938 by Grigori Aleksandrov, with Lyubov Orlova in the leading role. Was it reflecting the truth about those horrific times? Of course not. What musical has ever reflected the truth?

I saw this musical comedy as a kid, and I enjoyed the moment. I liked the scores of Dunayevsky, I sympathized with the young heroes, I felt that life was beautiful. I still believe that it's beautiful to be young and optimistic. And now that I know more about the biographies of the main creators of that movie, about the pressures they were facing in those times, like all Soviet people, I admire much more their talent and their optimism and their deep belief in the beauty of life.

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