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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chris Marker

Peter Blum Gallery is the host of PASSENGERS, a Chris Marker exhibition: over 200 photographs taken by the French artist between 2008-2010 in the Paris Métro. The exhibition is hosted at both NY locations of Peter Blum Gallery, in SoHo (99 Wooster Street) and Chelsea (526 W 29th Street).

A few words about Chris Marker: he is a documentary maker who reinvented the documentary, a film director who created some seminal movies, a writer, a photographer, a multimedia artist. His La Jetée, made in 1962, reverberated up to Mira Nair's Namesake. As for his Sans Soleil, made in 1983, someone said that to name it a documentary would be like naming the Sistine Chapel a ceiling! I will talk soon about La Jetée: I watched the movie exactly today!




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