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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Tale of Hachikô

This dog was taken as a pet by a man who had a commuting job. Each day the master was going to the railroad station, the dog was following him. The dog was then returning home and coming again at the station at the precise time the train was bringing his master back. It lasted half an year. Then the master suddenly died, but the dog never accepted it. He continued to come to the station and wait for his master every day, for another nine years. Then the dog passed away. His name was Hachikô: a bronze statue stays on the place the dog was waiting each day.

I watched the movie telling this story on TV, several times: Hachi, A Dog's Tale. It's a decent and nice movie, featuring Richard Gere in the role of the master. There is also another splendid actor there, Jason Alexander, among others: everybody is fine. But the dog is wonderful. An incredible tale of loyalty, which is a true story. The tale of a bond between a human and an animal, such a powerful bond can only exists between a human and an animal.

Actually the American movie is a remake. The original film is made in Japan, where the true story took place: Hachikô Monogatari.

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