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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Jafar PanahI: The Accordion (2010)

A boy of fourteen or fifteen is playing the accordion on the street. His little sister is accompanying him with a drum and collecting money. An adult appears as from nowhere, grabs the instrument from the boy and runs away.

The boy is following the thief with a boulder, to take revenge. He finds the guy sitting and trying some notes at the accordion. He is obviously a beginner, however it's music! The boy remains puzzled and touched altogether, and leaves the boulder. The guy plays so poorly the instrument that he needs directions. The boy takes gently the accordion back and starts his tune. The thief remains with them.

I have read that this movie is about solidarity. Maybe. Both the thief and the boy realize some truth impossible to express in words. It's the language of music that operates here. It's the state of grace, Mozartian grace.

The Accordion (آکاردئون - جعفر پناهی), the ten minutes movie made in 2010 by Jafar Panahi is more than a masterpiece: it's a miracle!

(Jafar Panahi)



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