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Friday, June 17, 2011

Polanski: Two Men and a Wardrobe (1958)

I remember the Roadside Picnic of Strugatzky brothers: what happens if some visitors come here? Nothing much, from our perspective, they are too small sized, or too weird, or too annoying. They carry a wardrobe, or they come to clean our homes without our knowledge (like in the movie of Kim Ki-Duk), oh, and they are smiling like freaks. And they go back, toward nowhere, because for us anything that's not our universe is nowhere.

My friend Danu brought to my attention this short made by Polanski in 1958. It's a small miracle, this movie, and its universe is so close to Nóż w Wodzie: two people come from nowhere with an absurd (?) wardrobe, nobody accepts them, they will eventually go back to nowhere. They are like visitors from another planet, it's the collision of two worlds: ours, ignoring them at best, hostile at worst, theirs, the pure imperium of the sea (or maybe from that border where sea meets heaven). Thanks Danu!

Dwaj ludzie z szafą
(video by superyiyi)

By the way, Polanski has here a cameo.




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