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Monday, July 25, 2011


What brands of beer to find in Bucharest? You can find this one, for instance: Wych Wood Brewery Hobglobin. It comes from England, it's 5.2% alc.vol. It's the legendary Ruby Beer, traditionally crafted.

The head brewer from Wych Wood describe it as full bodied and well balanced with a chocolate toffee malt flavor, moderate bitterness and a distinctive fruity character with a ruby red glow, and he is right, believe me. Well, it challenges the pale lager drinkers. If they keep to lager, it's their problem, not mine. They should at least give it a shot.

When Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama met at Toronto in 2010, they gave each other beer from their respective towns, with Cameron coming with twelve bottles of Hobglobin. Obama asked whether it was chilled! That's unpardonable! Strong ale should be drunk at room temperature!



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