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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ann Hu

Courtesy of Emerging Pictures

Film director Ann Hu (Beauty Remains, 2005, Shadow Magic, 2000) was born in China. She came to the US in 1979. After receiving an MBA degree at the New York University, she worked for a while in the finance, then she decided to switch to the movie world. So she attended (for two months) the Film School at the New York University and afterwords made a 16mm short, Dream and Memory. Ann Hu lives now in the US, with a foot on each of the two continents. After the two movies mentioned above, she is going on with new film projects (planned as international coproductions), while also working on a TV talk show, which will be aired in both America and Asia.

It sounds like a dream, however we should know that her adolescence was not a fairy tale, as she had to pass throughout the Cultural Revolution: she couldn't attend school between twelve and twenty-two, while her parents were in a labor camp.

(Chinese Cinema)



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