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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Black Country Cinema

Black Country Cinema is a collective of four young British filmmakers from the West Midlands. Drawing from influences such as Ozu, Kiarostami, Miyazaki, Hitchcock and Jennings, they are blurring the lines between documentary and fiction. What they look for in their films is honesty, authenticity and minimalism (I'm quoting from their artistic statement).

I knew so far some works by one of the Black Country Cinema members, Matthew E Carter (Mattie). His videos are amazing. To say that he is one of the best video authors would mean to say too little. He has genius.

Let me show here a short movie made collectively by Black Country Cinema. The film is named Walk 17: a young part-time postman is talking about a place he likes to visit whilst delivering on his route.

Walk 17 has been awarded 2nd place for the Best My Street Film at the 2011 Open City London Documentary Festival.


(Vlog of Mattie)

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