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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nietzsche: another Lied of Prinz Vogelfrei - Nach neuen Meeren

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Is it good to approach him in this way, by small pieces of poetry? Are they relevant for the whole? There is a reason: these little poems give an easiness for going further.

What if Nietzsche were known only for this small Song of Prince Vogelfrei? No Eternal Return, no Übermensch, no Wille zur Macht, nothing but this little song? Can we consider a holistic view, this atom containing the whole?

We should try a holistic view only if we know the whole: otherwise how to relate this atom?

We would feel that the poet was thinking at some wholeness, by meditating at new seas, a new world, beyond the contingent. And this wholeness was for him source of restlessness. A dangerous paradise.

Nach neuen Meeren

Nach neuen Meeren.
Dorthin – will ich; und ich traue
Mir fortan und meinem Griff.
Offen liegt das Meer, in’s Blaue
Treibt mein Genueser Schiff.

Alles glänzt mir neu und neuer,
Mittag schläft auf Raum und Zeit –:
Nur dein Auge – ungeheuer
Blickt mich’s an, Unendlichkeit!


Thither I'll travel, that's my notion,
I'll trust myself, my grip,
Where opens wide and blue the ocean
I'll ply my Genoa ship.

New things on new the world unfolds me,
Time, space with noonday die:
Alone thy monstrous eye beholds me,
Awful Infinity!

Vers les Mers nouvelles

Là-bas - je veux aller, et j’ai dès lors
Confiance en moi et en mes talents de pilote,
La vaste nappe de la mer s’étend
Et mon vaisseau génois navigue vers l’azur.

Tout scintille pour moi, dans sa splendeur nouvelle,
Le midi sommeille sur l’espace et le temps -:
Et ton aeil seulement - monstreux Me fixe, ô infini!

Verso nuovi mari

Là, voglio giungere, e mi fiderò
d’ora in poi di me e della mia mano sicura.
Aperto è davanti a me il mare: verso l’azzurro
mi spinge la mia nave genovese.

Tutto sempre più nuovo mi risplende.
Dorme su spazio e tempo a mezzodì.
E’ solo l’occhio tuo – infinitudine!
Che immenso mi sta guardando.




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