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Friday, July 13, 2012

David's Dance Party: A Midsummer Worship Call

And David danced before the LORD with all his might

I have got an email from Pastor David, the minister at Clarendon Presbyterian Church (a community progressive, inclusive, diverse). It is his weekly call for worship, for the Sunday that follows. This time it will be a special gathering, a pretty relaxed and informal affair, as weather is hot and it's Midsummer. When the spirit says dance, you gotta dance, so it will be a David's Dance Party.

I cannot attend it, as I am now far away from Clarendon, too far away. Thus I'm trying to send them through this post three videos, differently treating the same event told in the Second Book of Samuel.

The first video is a scene from a Hollywoodian super-production. You could say it's the traditional rendering, while you also could consider kind of fake, because, well, it's Hollywood (and we are all for the Indie, isn't it?). The second video is a rap version (some would maybe say it's faking the rap, or rather faking through rap, though the dance of the kids is superbly genuine, the dance of the youngsters is not bad at all, and the scene with the boss dancing in the office is funny, surrounded by his subordinates who pretend to be enthusiastic). I like more the third video, it let me meditate in my silence, while listening to the music. But that's my taste, anyone should dance in her or his own way. And what about that: was David naked (as some say), or girded with some ephod? I'd leave this quarrel to people with much more knowledge than me, but I think the sense of the story is this: when the spirit says dance, you gotta dance.

Best of Christian Rap (David's Dance - JP Records)
(video by kursndax)

(Church in America)


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