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Monday, July 09, 2012

Lisa Lewenz recommends a film in the making: River is Remembering

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Lisa Lewenz recommends River is Remembering, an in-progress film made by Rea Tajiri.

Rea Tajiri is a filmmaker and film educator teaching at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. She has made a number of documentaries that explored the psychospiritual repercussions of political histories within families (I'm quoting here her own words). Here is what she says about her current project, River is Remembering:

It is a meditative documentary that asks: What does it mean to own the land? The story is told through the portraiture of Lordville, a small town in New York State, on the Upper Delaware River that is filled with ghosts. In 1848 it became a stop on the Erie Railroad. By the turn of the 20th century it was a boomtown. But after several catastrophic floods and the decline of the logging industry, it slowly eroded. Lordville's grand, old edifices have been abandoned by their owners and the land has begun to reclaim them.

Ten years ago she stumbled upon Lordville while riding the bicycle. She turned down a country road, came around a bend and found herself crossing the Delaware River. The bridge spit her out in front of the Alva Lord mansion, a classic ruin at the entrance to Lordville. She bought a house here, and this is where the story begins...

Here is a snapshot of this on-going film. I will say something you wouldn't expect: some images remind me the universe of Hou Hsiao-Hsien! I would love to have once the opportunity to watch the whole movie.

I largely quoted Rea Tajiri, let's add the recommendation made by Lisa Lewenz:

Please check out my friend Rea's great in-progress film and (if you're inspired) she'll welcome your assistance to get this indie project finished. I LOVE this film!

(Lisa Lewenz)



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