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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Church in America

Clarendon Presbyterian Church, Progressive, Inclusive, Diverse.
I think one cannot fully understand a culture and a society without considering its religious dimension and the way life of its church goes on. In some cultures, in some societies, the religious dimension is not as apparent as in others - but it matters always.

American culture and American society have their specifics - and I keep trying to understand these specifics since I came here. There is in today's America a cultural divide and the American church reflects this divide. I will try to explain how I understand the various orientations in today's American faith, how they reflect themselves in the life of society (just today President Bush used for the first time his right of veto in the sensible matter of stem cell research) - and I will try to note the significant events.

I would like to thank here some good friends who are of great help for me in understanding the way today's church in America goes - Pastor David and the community of faith from the Clarendon Presbyterian Church (progressive, inclusive, diverse), Ms. Marjorie Ramos from the Staten Island Unitarian Church (and I am trying to understand better the Jam-Session approach of the Unitarians), and my good friend Jorje, who helps me to understand the Born-Again approach.

The image above is of the Clarendon Presbyterian Church. I discovered their community by chance- there was a column in the Washington Post, that I read one evening - I will tell you once about. It's a splendid community of faith.


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