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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holly Week

It's Holly Week, the road through thorns and cross from Hosanna to Hallelujah. I'm thinking at my friends from Clarendon, the Presbyterian Community there, the Wee Kirk, as they liked to call themselves. Says David Ensign, their pastor, I hope you'd find time to pause this week, to meditate the passion, in its complexity and messiness, chasing the money changers out of the temple; the foot washing before the Last Supper; the solitary watch of the garden; the bewilderment of betrayal; the deep denial; the agony of the cross and the silence of the tomb. And I remember the years I was living near Clarendon, far away from my country Romania, thinking at my friends and relatives, at the Eastern Orthodox ways of walking through the Greater Week of the Lent. Our traditions and our rituals may differ, the substance is the same.

(Church in America)


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