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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Marcia Bujold recommends a movie: Red Father

Bernard Ades
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Red Father, a 56 minute documentary from 2014, written, directed and produced by Tova Beck-Friedman, puts before us the life of Bernard Ades, as seen by her daughter: the story of a Jewish lawyer fighting for civil rights and confronting legal racism in the America of the 1920's, then fighting in the Communist Brigades in the Spanish Civil War, later in life  black listed and surveilled by the US authorities at the beginning of Cold War. The daughter admires his father for the strength of his attitude, nonetheless she questions his political and ideological radicalism.

Red Father will participate in the Krakow Film Festival Trailer Competition. Marcia Bujold recommends the movie and calls us to vote the trailer, by going to http://trailers.krakowfilmfestival.pl/en/menu/trailers/-/trailers/0/red%20father and submitting there our cast. Here is the trailer:

(Marcia Bujold)

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