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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chanting Hare Krishna

It goes up to the time when Sri Krishna first spoke Bhagavad Gita, some five thousand years ago. I found them one week ago, they were doing their chanting in Bethesda, lying on the sidewalk.

I was charmed by their instruments, the guy in front was playing at some curious accordion.

I wanted to take a picture, just then my camera displayed a nasty message: my batteries were depleted.

Chanting Hare Krishna
I came again yesterday and I found them there, on the sidewalk. This time I talked to them and found more about their religion.

Their chanting is a mantra: you go on repeating the names of Krishna to come closer and closer to Godhead.

It's like the Prayer of the Heart. Well, some would say you should approach Godhead following your own path, your own traditions, others would say that it's good to be open minded and to look everywhere around you.

The guy playing the accordion is born in America, the two others came from India. We live in a world that is flat, according to Tom Friedman.

Well, if you want more information about the Hare Krishna Movement, here it is.

As for me, it's the second video. I'm afraid it's not much better than the first one, but I keep trying.

Chanting Hare Krishna


(Church in America)


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