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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Primitive Baptist Churches in Southwestern Virginia

Chilhowie Primitive Baptist Church
(Galilean Pastors)
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Chilhowie is a town in Smyth County, Virginia. The name is pronounced Chil·´how·ee, the Cherokee word meaning valley of many deer, and it was adopted as the town’s name in 1913, when Chilhowie became incorporated. The population was 1,781 at the 2010 census (Wikipedia).

Aaron Astor: In Cades Cove in the Smokies the Primitive Baptist Church broke off from the Missionary Baptist Church in the 1830s, mostly over matters of local control. The Missionary Baptists would have to answer to a regional mission board and that loss of autonomy would not do for most people in Cades Cove. So they formed the Primitive Baptist Church, which theologically rejects mission work as "unbiblical".

O Sing To Me of Heav'n
(video by GitRDoneKY)

O Sing to me of Heaven.
When I am called to die.
Sweet songs of holy ecstasy.
To waft my soul on high.

There'll be no sorrow there.
There'll be no sorrow there.
In Heaven above where all his love.
There'll be no sorrow there.

When cold and sluggish drops.
Roll off my marble *dying* brow.
Break forth in songs of joyfulness.
Let Heaven begin below.

When the last moments come.
O, watch *sooth* my dying face.
To catch the bright seraphic gleam.
Which o'er my features play.

Then to my raptured ear.
Let one sweet song be given;
Let music charm me last on earth,
And greet me first in Heaven.

Then round my senseless clay.
Assemble those I love,
And sing of Heaven, delightful Heaven,
My glorious home above.

(Church in America)


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