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Thursday, March 28, 2013

From Table to Garden

I got a message today from my friend David, the pastor of the Clarendon Presbyterian Church. Says he, the Holy Week condenses the journey of faith to its essential steps: hope-filled beginnings, gathering community, looming threat, fearful denial, finality in death, deep despair, and, finally, unexpected hope.

For me the Holly Week will be at the end of April / beginning of May, together with the whole Eastern Christian Church, while in the Occident these days of end of March constitute the journey of faith. Some years we all celebrate the Easter together, some other years it is this difference. I am meditating at the words of David. For him today is the gathering around the Table, the Passion will follow and come to its climax, and then, on Sunday morning, the faithful women will go to the Garden and get unexpected hope.

(Church in America)


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