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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Paschal Greeting from Yale Strom

(Yale Strom)
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I sent a greeting mail to Yale Strom for Passover, and I used the Hebrew greeting Hag Pesach Sameach. Only Yale is a great Yiddish lover, a passionate for Klezmer and  for Yiddish theatre, and Yiddish cuisine, and all that. So, no wonder that he answered me in Yiddish. His greeting was a git yom tov un a zisn peysekh. I don't know Yiddish at all (actually I don't know Hebrew either, only a few greetings). Well, even if you don't know the language, understanding a salutation that comes from a friend is a duty, otherwise it'd be as you weren't interested.

So I started a small research work. Soon I found out that Yale misspelled a very little bit his greeting. It should have been gut rather than git. Of no importance if I knew the language :) Or maybe git and gut can be used interchangeably, maybe. And a gut Yom Tov (or yontiv) un a zis peysekh means A good Jewish Holiday and a sweet Passover. And maybe using zisn instead of zis (as Yale did) is not a misspelling, rather a diminutive form of sweet, something like sweety.

(Yale Strom)



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