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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Giuseppe Ungaretti

Giuseppe Ungaretti (1888-1970)
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A friend of mine posted on Facebook yesterday a poem by Ungaretti. It was a sad moment, as my friend was mourning this way the passing away not so long ago of a man who had loved poetry and had loved the poems of Ungaretti. I didn't have the chance to meet that man ever, I learned about him just yesterday, from the post of my friend. All this transported me very long time ago, in my teen years, when I had learned first time about Ungaretti, from a wonderful book written by A. E. Baconsky. I loved Baconsky's way of talking about modern poets. Baconsky died in 1977, at the earthquake that hit Bucharest that year. I think I should look for poetry by Ungaretti and present it here. A way to think again at the book by Baconsky that I had read as a teenager and I had liked so much, a way to think at a man whom I haven't meet ever and now it's too late. The name of this man was Lucian Sturzu-Nastase. He loved poetry.

(Una Vita Tra I Libri)



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