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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gentile da Fabriano: Playing the Organ

Music: Playing the Organ
Fresco by Gentile da Fabriano
Hall of the Liberal Arts and of the Planets, Palazzo Trinci, Foligno, Italy
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L'orgue est une cosmogonie. D'ici ses résonances métaphysiques. Dans l'orgue, l'absolu est interprété par lui-même (The organ is a cosmogony. Hence its metaphysical overtones. In the organ, the absolute is interpreted by itself)
(quoted by Giuseppe Soavi)

And Tiziana Grandi: Il registro...con i campanelli! Ci sono ancora organi che lo conservano...pochi ne assaporano la magia! (The register... with the bells! There are still organs that keep them ...I just savor the magic!)

(Gentile da Fabriano)

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