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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Waltzes of Chopin

one of only two photographs of Chopin
(this one is rarely reproduced due to its deteriorated state)
date: 1847
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The first eight waltzes were published during Chopin's lifetime. Other five were published in the decade following his death. Since then, other seven waltzes have been published (from 1868 to 1932). Add to this number about fifteen other, whose manuscripts are considered lost.

artist: Garrick Ohlsson
00:00 - Op.18
05:38 - Op.34
21:13 - Op.42
25:17 - Op.64
34:29 - Op.69
43:02 - Op.70
52:22 - in A Flat, Kobylańska Katalog IVa13
54:08 - in E, Kobylańska Katalog IVa12
56:56 - in E Minor, Kobylańska Katalog IVa15
01:00:01 - in A Minor, Kobylańska Katalog IVb11
01:02:17 - Sostenuto in E Flat, Kobylańska Katalog IVb10, Waltz
01:04:36 - in E Flat, Kobylańska Katalog IVa14
01:07:17 - in F Sharp Minor, Kobylańska Katalog Ib7, Valse Mélancolique
(video by wgw575)


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