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Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Self-Portraits of Salvator Rosa

oil on canvas, cca. 1645
National Gallery, London, UK
presented by the 6th Marquis of Lansdowne in memory of his father, 1933
no copyright infringement intended

Two self-portraits of Salvator Rosa, both painted in the same period. The first one has the title Philosophy, and carries a Latin inscription: AVT TACE AVT LOQVERE MELIORA SILENZIO (which means Be quiet, unless your speech be better than silence, undoubtedly a very good advice for us, bloggers). As a painter, Salvator Rosa is now considered a proto-Romantic. During his lifetime he was, well, Baroque, like everybody then. As a poet, he wrote lots of satires, which produced lots of enemies. Actually he was the kind of perpetual rebel, and not only in writing.

oil on canvas, cca. 1647
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
bequest of Mary L. Harrison, 1921
no copyright infringement intended

(Old Masters)

(Una Vita Tra I Libri)



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