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Saturday, September 01, 2012

John Cage: In a Landscape (1948)

(Album d'un Pessimiste)
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For argoneum, it reminds of an autumn evening, when you know that this night are longer and each day is closer to winter. Fields are empty, and last warm sun rays are shining through the colorful leaves. For Trey Walker, it reminds of being sad. For Mostly Noise, it is music that seems to suspend time.

Written for the dancer Louise Lippold in 1948, the piece follows the rhythmic patterns of the choreography for which it was composed. A modal composition, the patterns alternate between a mode in B and a mode in G. With the use of both the soft and sustain pedals, Cage creates music that seems to suspend time. There is clearly an aesthetic indebtedness to Erik Satie. The score notes that the piece may be played on the harp or piano.

(John Cage)



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