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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Junot Diaz about Tokyo

Cities produce love and yet feel none, says Junot Diaz, and he goes on, cities, after all, for all their massiveness, all their there-ness, are acutely vulnerable. You never come to know everything in a city you fall in love with. Every time you discover another tiny piece of a gigantic puzzle. I realized that in New York, I was there so many times, to realize more and more how ignorant I was, and to celebrate each new discovery.

Junot Diaz came to Tokyo to find there the default setting of the future. And he felt in love with all the bells and whistles of its modernity, the strangeness of it, the impossible overwhelming scale.

I have just read an article about Tokyo, by Junot Diaz, published in Newsweek Magazine:

(Junot Diaz)



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