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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Buzz-Word of the Week: Malarkey

published in the DCist
(photo by number7cloud)
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You'd say it's some kind of Big Bird or something, coming to let you know that he's all for VP Biden. It could be, what means that Sesame Street is to be found some place near Dupont Circle. Anyway, malarky seems to be the buzz-word of the week. Well, according to the Free Dictionary, malarky (or rather malarkey, but I wouldn't be that pretentious) means empty rhetoric, or insincere, or exaggerated talk (or a bit of all of them). You can say malarkey, as well as that's a lot of wind, or don't give me any of that jazz.

Was VP Biden too feisty at the VP debate, or did Congressman Ryan drink too much water? I thought so at the beginning, till I have read Gail Collins op-ed in today's NY Times: it's not that dramatic. Stuff happens, that's all:

(Zoon Politikon)


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